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Article: Hello from SANTA!

Hello from SANTA! - MODA FLORA Santa's Workshop

Hello from SANTA!

Santa Claus, says hi to all the children and Mums and Dads all over the world and welcome you to the happiest and most fun time of the year. Xmas is a time for joy, happiness and the bringing of families together and to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

 Being Santa, is a big job, I have to fly in my sled drawn by my reindeer’s all over the world and bring presents to the children of the world, just as the three wise men did for Jesus when he was born in a manger in Bethlehem. Mary was Jesus  mother and was so happy to see the 3 wise men follow the Star of Bethlehem that marked the birth of Jesus to see the new born Jesus over 2,000 years ago. They had travelled so far following the star to bring presents and to see Mary the mother of Jesus. 

Today, I as Santa Claus carry on the magnificent  tradition together with of the responsibilities to bring joy to all the children and share the story of Jesus.
My little elves have been working tirelessly all year, making presents for the children for me to deliver on Xmas eve. 
The help celebrate this happy time and to make the day more joyous I can recommend the best shop in all of Hong Kong to help decorate your home for Xmas. 
At Moda Flora ( The home of Xmas) they have so much to offer in the way of decorating your home and planning and presents, for my arrival on Xmas eve.
The decorating of your home for this occasion adds to the spirit and brings real fantasies to the children and something they will never forget. Your children will  then carry on the tradition for their children one day.
Xmas day is also about giving, loving and sharing respect to one and other and the remembering of the creator of all of us, Jesus Christ. 
Go to my special friends at Moda Flora at Queens rd Sheung Wan. Moda Flora a wonderland of Xmas and just like me started planning and getting for ready for Xmas all year. 
Moda Flora is the Christmas Capital of Hong Kong. 
Bring a special joy to your family and bring the Xmas spirit from Moda Flora Xmas shop home with you. I can personally recommend Moda Flora and their team of little elves.
I wish everyone a merry and joyous Xmas and will be seeing you all real soon. 
Santa’s Claus
North Pole