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Christmas Lighting Guide

How to Choose Christmas lights?

Christmas tree LED light is the most popular types of festive lighting, sometimes known as fairy lights, it is gaining popularity compare to incandescent mini lights due to its power saving and fire hazard safety considerations.

Christmas light comes in different light colour to match your colour theme, the most widely used is warm white, white and coloured coloured lights are also available in the market.

Christmas lights can be powered by AC supply, batteryΒ  or USB. For AC powdered lights may come with extendable option which allow you to connect multiple strand in single chain. If you purchase lights on internet, please make sure the light voltage work in your territory.

Christmas lights can be continues lights, most of it also come with twinkle effect or 8 mode of light flashing options.

Colour of wire, for flocked white tree you may consider using white wired light instead of green.

How many lights do I need for my Christmas tree?

It depends on height, width and fluffiness of your tree. Different light decorating technique also affect number of lights to be used on Christmas tree.

In general, you may start with 50 - 100 lights for every foot of your tree's height. If you want and extravagant look and go over the top, you may use 200 lights per foot.

If you are using extendable lights, please make sure you check maximum strand for each chain to avoid overload your lights.

How to add Christmas lights?

Before you start, plug in the lights to make sure ALL the bulbs are working.Β Check all the light bulbs and replace broken one.

The most traditional way is begin at the bottom of the tree close to the trunk, intertwine the lights on top of and under branches, wrap every branches in and out, work your way from bottom to top, this is the most magical way to decorate your tree. you shall use more light at bottom than on top. Always buy extra lights, you can always return unused excess lights. Don’t forget to decorate the back of the Christmas tree, not only because it add depth to your tree, also to balance the weight to prevent the tree from loosing balance.

Set up Christmas Tree 2021 V2.mp4 from MODA FLORA on Vimeo.


Apart from adding lights to Christmas tree, you may also wrap Christmas lights to garland and wreath to create a magical Christmas.

Safety tips: Don’t leave your tree lights unattended, always turn off the lights when you leaving home and going to bed. Connect to a timer can set your mind free.

If you don’t want to put up and remove lights every year, pre-lit Christmas tree is a great option.

Pro tips: Some tree may come with lights, you may add an extra set of light, leave one set on continuous lights and another set for twinkle light effect to make your tree look more magical.