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Table Decoration Guide


Table Setting for this Christmas

The beginners guide

  • Clear and clean your table, make sure it’s fresh and free from crumbs and fingerprints. Remove anything on the table i.e. salt and pepper grinder, plates, decorations etc.

  • Decide for the theme and centrepiece

Similar to other Christmas Decorations, it is great to create a focal point and to decorate around it. Candles, flowers and wreaths or even an arrangement of all these can be a great centrepiece for your table. Layer table runners beneath your focal point to match. It can be made up of different thickness and materials to elevate the depth and richness of your centrepiece.

  • Work your way out from the centrepiece

Add branches, ribbons and berries around it to extend the focal point to both ends. Similar to how you would decorate a garland, it can dangle off the ends of the table. Watch out for the size of your centrepiece, guests should still be able to see each other across the table.

  • Layer your plates

Use chargers or placemats to place under your usual plates. Besides keeping your plates warm they highlight the special occasion.

  • Add some personal touch

Add some ornaments, crackers, napkins (with a napkin ring) to uplift your theme. It will keep your guests busy looking at the plating and makes a big difference to your table by giving your guests something to remember.

  • The rest of the dining area

Your chair, side table, lights are all part of the table setting. Make sure you don’t forget about these details that affect the ambience. Decorating all of them completes and expands your area.  

If you’re looking for items to decorate your Christmas dining table, we have it here at Moda Flora: