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Garland Decoration Guide

Moda Flora

How to decorate your garland

Steps, tips and more!

Step by Step instructions

Step 1: Fluff your branches so it looks nice and full

Step 2: Double the garland or add another garland with a different type of leaves, instead of putting it on top, weave it into the base garland that you have (the thicker it is the more expensive it looks!)

Step 3: Wrap some grapevine onto garland to make it more realistic and raw

Step 4: Mark the middle point of the garland using a wired ribbon (it’s a marking for yourself make sure you can see it!).

Step 5: Decide the theme of your garland. The middle point can also be a focal point to place a large sized Ribbon, Poinsettia or ornament. You can then work your way out so the length of the garland on both sides would be the same and decorations would be balanced.

Step 6: Wrap lights around the garland

Step 7: Add small decorations - berries of different colours, small ornaments, picks to compliment your theme. You can also fill them in spaces to create balance and add depth.


  • When decorating with ribbons, use 2 layers - one mesh / coloured accent one to make it more interesting. Try wrapping around the garland, makes loops to change it up!
  • Nestle the decorations on the garland instead of just setting them on top
  • If you’re using berries, secure them near the poinsettia or the bigger decorations
  • If you have pointy decorations such as golden leafs, cinnamon or picks, alter their directions where some of them go up some of them point down
  • Most of us use faux fur garland, place fur scent candles in the to make your space smell fresh and your guests might even think that your tree and garland are real!
  • Add glitter elements to your garland to create texture and variety.
  • To secure the garlands together, make a twist at the beginning and end of the garland

If you’re looking for garlands, we have it here at Moda Flora.