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Artificial Tree Set Up Guide

Assembly Instruction

1. Before you start to assemble your tree, choose an appropriate location near a wall outlet.

2. Assemble the tree stand and place on a level surface.

3. Assemble the tree from the bottom to the top. Start with the bottom section and insert it into the assembled stand. Make sure the pole is firmly inserted and secured into the stand.

4. Continue by inserting the middle section(s) into the bottom section until the tree top is inserted.

5. Allow branches to fall into place or gently pull up and out. When adjusting branches, be sure that all wires are free of branch hinges.

6. Begin to shape the branches and tips working from the bottom to the top. Start with tips farthest from the pole and fan out one to the right, one to the left and one at the center of the main stem.

7. After shaping the entire tree following the previous step, slightly upsweep all branch tips for a uniform look. Shift branches to fill any gaps. Your Christmas tree is now complete and ready to be decorated.


PRO TIPS: Wear long sleeve and put your gloves on before start fluffing the tree.Β 


1. Remove all ornaments and decorations.

2. Disassemble the tree from the top to the bottom. Start with the tree top and gently lift straight up to remove from section below and fold all branches toward the pole.

3. Continue by gently lifting straight up each section(s) from the section below and fold all branches toward the pole until the bottom section is removed from the tree stand.

4. Carefully place all tree sections into shipping box and tape it shut.

5. When not in use, please store your tree in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Exposing your tree to excessive heat or humidity may damage your tree.