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Create your miniature Christmas Village! - Steps to create your dream village

Ever want to try to create your own Christmas Village at home but don’t know where to start? Here are some guidelines      

Step by step

Step 1: Find out the size of the area you would like to create your village in. It can be a cupboard, a table or a DIY space with crates and books. As long as they are flat surfaces you can create your own unique village!

Step 2: Think of the key buildings or spots of your village and estimate the amount of space they require. For example a water fountain, train station or ferris wheel that takes up more space and generally has more people around.

Step 3 : Layout the height of the surfaces. Do you wish to create some depth or height differences to your village? Lay some books or blocks where you want to create a little hill for your house to sit on.

Step 4 : Apply the layer of snow on the surface that you arranged. The base layer can be a piece of white cloth or faux fur.

Step 5: Place all the large building blocks for your village with some space in between (especially if you want a polar express inside your village), work out the direction it’s facing (are they all facing the same way or slightly away from each other?)

Step 6: Now place different sizes trees next to the buildings you have placed. This makes your village more realistic.

Step 7: You can also add white foam, or faux snow to add more depth to your white base so that it’s not only a white surface.

Step 8: Add little humans or even pets to your village, they can be of specific character for instance postmen/ Santa Claus / Train conductor - now your village comes to life!

If you’re looking for things to add to your Christmas village, we have it here at Moda Flora: