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Gift Wrapping Guide


Christmas Gift Wrapping

Are you struggling to gift wrap?

Christmas is the season of giving, in addition to a thoughtful gift, a well-wrapped package makes your gift more presentable, meaningful and definitely leaves an impression. Here are some tips if you’re struggling to wrap your present with style.

Step 1: Choose the colour / theme of your wrapping

Choose a theme gift wrap that you would go for that year and use that for every gift you send out. Not only does it become your signature style but it will also save you time and effort into purchasing different gift wraps for each present.

Step 2: Wrapping techniques

If you have a square or rectangular shaped gift - perfect! Everything can be folded around the corners neatly and secured with tape. Yet what to do if you have irregular shaped items or a few items wrapped together?

Different types of wrapping 

Tissue wraps offer a buffer space between your gift and the wrapping itself. Its texture makes it a bit more durable than traditional wrapping paper and you don’t have to worry about it getting creased because most likely it already is!

Gift sacks and stockings are a good way to store all kinds of goodies. They can either be made up of fabric or you can DIY ones using paper.

Folding technique is another paper wrapping technique if you’re on a budget! It requires no other materials besides the wrapping paper itself. Simply fold the middle part of the paper into a plaid and wrap your present with the plaided paper with the plaid at the middle of the present facing top.

Final Tips 

  • Gift card and gift card holders are a step up from your traditional note.
  • Adding natural touches for instance pine cones or picks add a little rustic feeling to your gifts.
  • Try using ribbon in a variety of colours, patterns and textures.