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Article: How to Set up Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Set up Artificial Christmas Tree - MODA FLORA Santa's Workshop
Christmas Tree

How to Set up Artificial Christmas Tree

Hello this is Elfie from MODA FLORA Santa’s Workshop. I am going to show you how to set up a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree step by step. Unlit Christmas tree set up is also very similar, you may just skip the light assembly steps. 

Basically our Artificial Christmas Trees come with 2 to 3 sections of the tree body and a metal tree stand. If you get a pre-lit tree, you shall also find an adapter separately or it is already connected to the light on the Christmas tree. Today I am setting up a seven and half feet AGHL Christmas tree and the tree body comes in 3 sections. Before you start don’t forget to wear long sleeves and gloves as the tree branches could be sharp, you don’t want to have scratches all over your arm.

Choose an appropriate location near a wall outlet, place the tree stand on a level surface. Assemble the tree from the bottom to the top. Start with the bottom section by inserting the largest tree body to the stand, the branches on hinge will fall out automatically. Make sure the pole is firmly inserted to the stand and tighten the 3 screws to secure the base to the stand.

It is easier to fluff the tree layer by layer, work from bottom to the top, make sure you fluff every single branch before you move up to the higher layer. After you finish the whole bottom section, you can insert the middle section tree body to the pole. In this section, the branches are also connected to the pole on hinges like the bottom section, the branches will fall out automatically.


Connect the lights between 2 sections, make sure you securely tighten the screw at the joint. Continue the fluffing process until the middle section is finished. Then insert the top section of the tree body, in this section the branches are not connected on hinges, you may pull out the tree branches individually.

Connect the light between the section and fluff the rest of the tree. Once you finish the entire tree. you may connect the light to the wall outlet.

This is how you set up an artificial Christmas Tree.

Happy holidays!