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What is it about Tree Skirts? How to choose a tree skirt that is special?

A tree skirt is a rounded piece of fabric with an opening in the middle that covers the bottom of the Christmas tree. They are not only to complete the look but also fulfill practical purposes. Artificial trees often have unsightly looking metal stands, tree skirts not only cover that but also the ends of wires, tinsels or lights that decorates the tree. Real trees often have fallen pine leaves as it sits and tree skirts catch all of that before it sticks to the bottom of your slippers preventing it from going everywhere. Tree Skirts also act as a smooth surface for you to place your presents as well as being another way to style your Christmas tree.

Why is it called a tree skirt?

Tree skirts were used back in the 1870s when Christmas trees were decorated using lit candles. Hot wax would drip all over the table and a tree skirt was used to collect them. Historians believed that tree skirts are likely to have been invented in Germany as that was the origin of Christmas decorations.

Different types of Tree skirts

There are different materials used to make tree skirts. Faux fur, quilted knits and hand woven materials are popular. Alternatively if you don’t wish to use fabric there are tree collars which saves more space or root balls wrapped with fabrics can create a clean design to your tree.

What sizes of tree skirts should I buy?

Depending on the style you are going for. If you wish to show the rims of your skirt then choose one that is 4-6 inches wider than the diameter of the bottom of your tree. If you just want to cover the choose one that 3-6 inches narrower than the diameter of the bottom branch of your tree.

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