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Article: How to decorate a Palatial Christmas Tree

How to decorate a Palatial Christmas Tree - MODA FLORA Santa's Workshop

How to decorate a Palatial Christmas Tree

How to decorate aPalatial Christmas Tree

Hello this is Elfie from MODA FLORA Santa’s Workshop. I am very excited to show you how to decorate our Palatial design Christmas Tree.  

The tree I am decorating today is a 7.5 feet AGHL artificial Christmas tree from MODA FLORA Santa’s Workshop. This is a premium quality tree mixed with PVC and PE tree branches, allowing us to secure ribbon and other decorations easily by bending the PVC branches. You can find the tree and all decorations in this video on our website at 

This is a pre-lit tree, you may start decorating with ribbons and ornaments from here. If you want to give the tree a more vibrant and sparkling look, you may add extra lights to the tree. I am using these extendable LED Christmas tree lights, each strand is 100 lights, I am connecting 7 strands, adding additional 700 lights to the tree. Simply weaving the lights in and out of each branch from bottom to the top.

Next, adding ribbon to the tree. We are using 4 types of 2.5 inches beautiful gold wired ribbons to form various shapes, it helps to add more dimension and texture to the tree. Each roll is 9 meters long. The first one we are using is the gold glittered ribbon. We use it to make a 5-6 loops half bow with floral wire to wrap around the bottom. Fluff out the bow and tuck multiple bows into the tree.

The second ribbon we are adding is a gold Organza ribbon. I am making 2-3 loops and using the branches on the tree to secure the ribbon. I then cascade the ribbon down in and out for a few loops and make another cluster for 2-3 loops. If you are decorating a fresh Christmas tree, you may use floral wire or ornament hooks to secure the ribbon in place. To finish the tail of the ribbon, I just cut the end at an angle.

The following ribbon is this beautiful Merry Christmas Burlap Ribbon, we just tuck the ribbon in the middle of the tree and cascade down the tree, we will finish this ribbon with a croissant twist.

Lastly, I prepare this gold mesh ribbon bow and leave it on the side for later use, also styling this ribbon like the glitter gold ribbon bow with 5-6 half loops with floral wire at the bottom. For this tree, we used 6 rolls of 9 meter ribbon altogether.

Since we are going to decorate this tree with a lot of glass ornaments, to avoid breaking the glass, I am adding the tree topper now. This tree we are topping with is this sparkling 8 pointed gold star tree topper surrounded by few glitter floral picks underneath to give a more extravagant look.

Before you add the ornaments to the tree, always start from large to small. We are adding these beautiful gold poinsettias evenly spread out on the tree, the flower comes with a clip, you may insert the clip to the bottom before you set on the Christmas tree. I am also developing clusters around the poinsettias by adding matt berries gold picks and mashed gold wired ribbon bow that we prepared earlier to create a focal point on the tree.

Next, we are adding these classy CHAMPAGNE GOLD MERCURY GLASS ORNAMENTS SET to the tree.

Most of the ornaments come with a hanging string, you may just hang up the ornament with the string provided. For glass ornaments we prefer to use an ornament hook, it is more secure for glass ornaments and also easier to put the ornament at desired position to give out a more professional look. 

Next we are adding these exquisite GOLD BEADED TEARDROP GLASS ORNAMENTS.

After that we added the fine CREAM BEADED FLOWER GLASS ORNAMENTS.

When you decorate the tree, don’t forget to decorate the back of the tree to balance out the weight as well.



After that  we are adding these beautiful CLEAR GOLD POINSETTIA GLASS ORNAMENTS.


To fill the big empty spaces, these GLITTER GOLD LEAVE PICKS add depth and dimension to the design. We are also setting a few picks to the top of the tree to add more volume in the tree top.

Afterwards, we are adding these small GOLD SHATTERPROOF ORNAMENT SET to fill the gap.

Then, we are adding champagne ribbon bows, simply twisting the ribbon with 2 sets of full loops, 2 loops on each side and securing the middle with floral wire. 

Can’t leave out these cute Acorn glass ornaments.

Next we are adding these gorgeous PEARL WHITE BEADED GLASS ORNAMENTS.

Next we are adding these elegant PEARL WHITE GOLD GLITTER GLASS ORNAMENTS.

Now, fill the gap with more matt gold berries..

Finally, we are adding this LUXURY FAUX FUR CHRISTMAS TREE SKIRT WITH GOLDEN SEQUIN GLITTER BORDER at the bottom to finish it off.

Here is the finished look!

You may find all the materials I used HERE


Happy holidays!


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